12 Years of a Good Website

Well, here we have it
- the new Puppy Machine site.

After 12 years of good lovin’ from our old site (yes, the design was THAT good it could last over a decade), we’ve finally launched this here new one.

We’re happy to have the old team back, too. Creative Director, Terry Lau of Beehive Design, as the lead on the project. Plus the brains and brawn behind the web programming, multi-media artist Leif Harmsen.

Here’s to another 12 years! (Gulp)


We’ve picked up a reality series – on the road and in the studio.

What is it, you ask?

INK Television


NEXT! We’ve just started working on some projects in development with the internet gurus of the world. Very hush-hush, though. We’ll let you know when the duct tape is ripped from our lips.

And with the 3 items of good news, we’ll have to end it with a bit of sad… Our partner in crime, Evolved Entertainment, is leaving the 401 space. However, we’ll still be working together, just not next to each other.  (We just can’t keep it sad for too long.) We wish them continued success in their new space!

As for Puppy, keep checking back here for ridiculous videos, games and other surprises.