The Maine “Forever Halloween” – Music Review

The Maine released their highly anticipated fourth album, Forever Halloween, internationally on the fourth of June and it has proved well worth the wait, since the 2011 release of Pioneer.  It is equal parts reflective slow ballads and energy filled rock songs. The album opens with the upbeat track, Take What You Can Carry; the lyrics of which are already stuck in my head after just listening to it once. Recorded using an analog tape machine as opposed to the more common digital methods seen today, Forever Halloween has the gritty warmth virtually impossible to get with a digital recording process. The analog tape machine can be heard especially on the ballad, Birthday in Los Angeles, a song which is reminiscent of the late Elliott Smith’s music.

Featuring the band’s signature satirical catchy lyrics this album follows in the fashion of their previous three records, Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop, Black and White, and Pioneer. The influence of Forever Halloweens producer Brendan Benson (of The Raconteurs) can be heard clearly on the single, Happy, which has a strong hook heavy chorus, guaranteed to please fans of The Maine’s previously released music.

The title track, Forever Halloween, finishes the album off on a slow note, with a guitar based, complex lyric composition.

I would highly recommend this album to current fans of The Maine, as well as anyone looking to branch out of their musical comfort zone.

The Maine – Forever Halloween
Record Label – Rude
Release Date – June 4, 2013